Sustainability & Environment

Environmental summary
  • Australian Packaging Covenant
  • ISO14001

New Anzpac Services (Australia) Pty. Ltd have the above agreements in place to operate their printing and packaging facility at Smithfield. Agreements are in place with the Department of Environment and Conservation with regard to pollution control equipment and wastewater treatment while Sydney Water regulates the discharge of wastewater from the site. All of these are reviewed as part of the Environmental, Health and Safety system used on site run by the Operations Manager. New Anzpac is also a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant and is certified to ISO14001: 2004. Both of these voluntary programmes have been in place for a number of years. New Anzpac monitors its performance on a number of environmental and health and safety measures including water usage, resource usage, waste production and greenhouse gas emissions. All of these requirements can only be managed by dedicated staff intent on continuous improvement in every aspect of the business.


New Anzpac Services operates a state of the art lithographic printing and packaging manufacturing facility in Sydney, Australia. The company supplies folding cartons to many leading brands in such diverse markets as tobacco, fast food, breakfast cereals and confectionary across Australia and Asia Pacific. New Anzpac places a high priority on best practice environmental management in all aspects of its print operations and maintains certification to ISO 14001.

New Anzpac commits to

  1. Comply with or exceed all legal requirements that relate to its environmental aspects and meet the requirements of the industry environmental standard PURE.
  2. Co-operate with governments and other official bodies and technical organisations in the development of sound, cost effective environmental practices.
  3. Conserve resources through green procurement, sound reduction and efficient use and conservation of energy, water and materials.
  4. Reduce waste through internal and external recycling and waste minimisation programs including The Australian Packaging Covenant.
  5. Minimise pollution through control mechanisms such as treatment and controlled waste disposal.
  6. Measure environmental performance and set targets for continual improvement in the management of its environmental aspects.
  7. Regularly review procedures and plans for conformation with the policy in order to achieve agreed standards.
  8. Take all reasonable measures to ensure that suppliers are informed of and comply with New Anzpac’s environmental standards. All materials purchased by the company are produced in accordance with good environmental practices.
  9. Ensure that all employees, contractors and visitors are aware of this policy and any revisions to it and are trained and encouraged to fulfil their environmental responsibilities.

This commitment which the company seeks to apply throughout all aspects of its operations from procurement of materials for its products in relation to activities involved with the design, manufacture, warehousing and distribution of printing and packaging products to the recovery and disposal of waste materials. The company expects all its employees and non-employees on the company premises to fulfil their part of these responsibilities by being alert at all times for any unsafe or unsatisfactory acts or situations and ensuring directly or through others that they are eliminated. New Anzpac’s General Manager has overall responsibility for environmental management. This policy statement will be reviewed periodically by the executive committee.